Teen TALK for Middle and High School Students
Talent Advocacy Learning Knowledge

Teen TALK provides many of the same lessons in skill development found in Club CLUE, but at a more sophisticated level.  While middle school and high school students don’t necessarily need to learn “play skills” they do need support in being part of a group and navigating the perplexing drama known as dating.  Parents are encouraged to let staff know about topics they feel would be helpful for their child or particular difficulties encountered at school, social activities or in the community.  We are happy to address parent submitted topics in a future lesson.

Some of the topics addressed during Teen TALK groups are:

  • Problem solving/negotiating
  • Perspective taking10268614_223678291176451_4489350996559710879_n
  • Navigating the boring moments
  • Using body language/facial expression to understand communication
  • Self-monitoring
  • Expected/unexpected behavior in various settings
  • Making an impression
  • Managing meltdowns
  • Manners at home and away from home
  • Managing milestones and celebrations: Funerals, weddings, graduation, holidays
  • Navigating the internet
  • Clothes: Casual, semi-formal, formal
  • Hygiene
  • Independence and taking care of yourself

Teen TALK also provides students with social time outside the office.  One Saturday a month kids are invited to participate in a social outing of their choosing.  Activities may include:  a movie, bowling, mini golf, or skating.  This is an exciting time for the students and we encourage them to participate as often as they would like.

Special Teen TALK summer sessions are community based, allowing students to practice their skills with familiar peers in a new environment.  Activities are similar to those offered for Saturday social outings.

Instructors use many supplemental materials for group activities along with video feedback, board games.  In addition, the following resources are used for group instruction:

  • How Rude; The Teenager’s Guide to Good Manners, Proper Behavior and Not Grossing People Out, Alex J. Packer, Ph.D.
  • How Does Your Engine Run?, Sherry Shellenberger and Mary Sue Williams.

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