Physical Therapy

10172803_223678641176416_6291157235654153777_nPhysical Therapy (PT) is a treatment of infants, children and teens to develop, regain and improve their ability to move.  It offers individuals a fun positive way to improve their gross motor skills through play, hands on demonstration and home exercise programs.  A physical therapist evaluates the child using various assessment tools that focus on areas of impairment like strength, balance, and joint mobility.

Individualized treatment programs are set up that allow children to practice and gain new skills, improve skills obtained and use of toys and/or specialized equipment which allow them to explore and move throughout their environment.  Children learn through exploring their environment and physical therapy is available to increase children’s ability to move throughout their environment with as much independence as possible.

Physical Therapists work with people that have had birth injuries/defects, born with genetic
disorders, born prematurely, have developmental delays, Cerebral Palsy, Down syndrome, traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries, autism, and other chronic illnesses.

To receive Physicl Therapy a doctor’s order is not required.  Parents or guardians of a child may call Metro West to request a Physical Therapy Evaluation.  A PT will evaluate and then set goals with you and your child and then provide treatment.  Physical Therapists also provide consultative services which you may schedule through the office.

Children who receive Physical Therapy can benefit from:

  • Strategies to explore and move around in their environment
  • Improved gross motor skills
  • Improved muscle strength and or endurance
  • Increased muscle range of motion
  • Improved quality of movement and strategies to increase movement and function
  • Improved balance in sitting and standing
  • Decreased pain or increased comfort

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