Early Language Group

The Metro West Early Language Group (ELG) is a social communication

group that provides the opportunity for young children to build their language skills and begin to understand social communication.  Small groups of 4-6 children, ages 3-5, will qualify for the ELG.  A variety of skills will be addressed during group time:

    • Play
    • Reading Aloud
    • Group Activities
    • Social mini-lessons

Language develops at a unique pace for all children.  The ELG seeks to help young children build their language, whether they are non-verbal, just beginning to use language, or are advanced verbal children. Small group sessions will address:

  • Vocabulary building
  • Using language and increasing length of utterances
  • Participating in conversations with peers
  • Identifying and expressing emotions appropriately
  • Problem-solving skills

Speech Language Pathologists will work on these skills and others that have been identified through individualized goals.  Activities and lessons will be appropriate to the age of the children in the group. These will be used to help students build language skills.

Contact Metro West if you are interested in enrolling your child in our Early Language Group!

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