Club CLUE for PreK and Elementary Students
Communicating Listening Understanding Empathy

Club CLUE is a social communication/problem-solving group that helps students decode the often confusing world of verbal and nonverbal signals.  Small group sessions, led by speech language pathologists and certified staff trained in autism, will address:

  • Using appropriate strategies for making and keeping friends
  • Interpreting and using body language cues for social interaction
  • Initiating and participating in conversations appropriately
  • Identifying and expressing emotions appropriately
  • Matching communication and behavior to various group situations
  • Applying social communication and problem solving skills in interactive role playing situations

Leaders will work on these skills using interventions appropriate to the age of the students in each group.

Students ages 4 and up will be assigned by age and/or skill level to small groups.  Enrollment will not exceed four students. Those who are home schooled may be able to participate during the school day.  Other groups will be held after school hours.

Children who are eligible for this group should be:

  • Motivated to improve their social skills with others
  • Able to attend weekly one hour sessions
  • Able to demonstrate functional language skills with peers

Children who can benefit from this group approach may have been diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, or Asperger’s Syndrome.

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