Best of Metro West

Best of Metro West

Check out this article about one of our speech therapy students. Way to go Joshua, we are so proud of you!

Spring’s Awakening

When winter comes, life seems to weep,
But in reality everything is born from sleep.
The Sun no longer absent after months of resting
the long wait for its return is almost testing.
We all feel joy when the green returns
The feeling of ice being burned.
Time is slow when the ice comes
But it’s hard to know when spring has come.
The ice has transfigured into rain.
The heat has become winter’s bane.
In the day the sun gives every animal a glow.
We see plants start to grow.
We see frost no more.
All we see is birds soar.
The green is present where there was once an icy floor.

-By Luke Norman, MWKLC client

MWKLC Client Pictured in DSM Register at Walk Now for Autism


Metro West Student Honored for Autism Advocacy

zachautpostZach Vermillion, a Metro West Client, was recognized for his autism awareness work in the following article from the Unifier, a publication of SE Polk Community School District:

For his 4-H leadership project, Four Mile fifth-grader Zach Vermillion wanted to help raise awareness of kids like him– kids with autism.  He aligned his projects with Autism Awareness Month and designed 15 posters to hang around the school.  The most ambitious part of his project was to make over 700 pins out of puzzle pieces for everyone at Four Mile, a task that took two weeks to complete.  A puzzle piece is the logo for Autism Speaks, a program dedicated to increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders and according to Zach “represents putting the pieces for autism together to find Remove the missing link.”

autpost2He also read this announcement over the intercom:  Autism is a neurological brain disorder.  Autism affects one in 150 children.  Kids with autism may appear different  They may have trouble speaking, trouble making and keeping friends, acting out and immature behaviors.  Kids with autism cannot help these differences, it’s just the way their brain works.  You can help make life better for them by being a friend.  Help get the word out by wearing your puzzle pin as many days in April as you can.

“I want to represent kids who are like me,” said Vermillion.  “I tried to include others to let them know what it’s about.”

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