Mom Testimonial – Helping the Picky Eater

Posted on August 22, 2017 · Posted in Uncategorized

Here’s what one of our parents recently had to say about Gloria Clark:

“My 6 year-old son is what one would consider a problem eater. He started out as a normal picky toddler as time passed and he got older he became something more than that.

He began to cut foods he normally liked out of his diet.  He slowly whittled down the foods he would eat to four. Those four foods had to be a certain shape and prepared a certain way or he wouldn’t eat them.

When we tried to introduce new foods in multiple different ways he would become hysterical and work himself up so much that he wouldn’t calm down.  I knew that when he began to describe new foods as scary and thinking they were going to hurt him, that I had to do something more for him to get him over this fear of food before he got any older.

I sought out a food Occupational Therapist at Metro West Learning Center. We talked with Gloria Clark, and she thought she could help my son. Gloria worked with him over the summer; introducing new foods and breaking down the barriers that he had put up for himself.

She helped give me ideas of how to encourage what he learned in food therapy and apply it at home. Some weeks were rough, and some weeks I became frustrated with my son because I just couldn’t understand some of the resistance that he was giving me when it came to trying something as plain as a chicken strip.

I am pleased to report that my son will have his last session with Gloria this week, and he is no longer a problem eater.  He is just your average kinda picky 6 year old.  He is no longer afraid to try new foods. He no longer panics when things he may not like are placed on his plate.  He eats meats, and fruits and vegetables and has began to gain weight and fill out. Food is not something that plays an overwhelming role in his life anymore.  I am so grateful that my boy is happy and on the way to being much healthier. For this, I have Gloria and Metro West to thank!”