Get Clued In With Club Clue

Posted on October 10, 2016 · Posted in Parent Tips

This month in Club Clue we have been talking about sharing when we play with friends! We can share in many different ways; we discussed four different ways to share. If we have a toy that is “one player only”, like playing a game on an iPad, we should take turns and wait to play.

If we are playing with a toy, like Legos, that has multiple pieces, we should use things together to play with our friends. We should trade things if we have a toy that we are playing with that our friend wants to play with also.

They can play with our toy while we play with their toy for a period of time. If we are playing with a toy that has many of the same pieces, we should divide things so that everyone gets one, like when we are coloring pictures together.

We discussed that when we find a way to share our toys with friends, they will have good feelings about us and they will want to play with us again.