Does My Child Need Speech Therapy?

Posted on May 24, 2016 · Posted in Parent Tips

Every child develops speech and language skills on their own timeline, but most children reach speech and language milestones around the same age. If your child is not demonstrating most of these milestones by the ages given, you may want to speak with a speech-language pathologist about your child’s speech and language skills.

12 months:

  • Babbles with changes in tone
  • Responds to his or her name
  • Communicates in some way that she/he needs help

15 months:

  • Understands words like “no”
  • Uses 5-10 words
  • Points to pictures when asked “where’s the …?”

18 months:

  • Using at least 20 single words like “mommy”, “up”, “baba”
  • Points to 2-3 major body parts
  • Responds with a word or gesture to a question like “where is the ball?”

24 months:

  • Using at least 100 words
  • Consistently putting 2 words together like “Mommy up”, “shoes on”, “go bye-bye”
  • Imitates actions or words
  • Pretend plays with toys like feeding a doll

30 months:

  • Using at least 300 words
  • Using action words like “run”, “eat”, “drink”, “fall”
  • Using some adult grammar like “two babies” and “baby sleeping”

3-4 years

  • Asks questions
  • Uses sentences
  • Able to tell a simple story by four or five years