Expected Behaviors and Hidden Rules for the Waiting Room

Posted on May 17, 2015 · Posted in Uncategorized

A calm body and a calm voice are expected while you are in the waiting room. Staying calm in the waiting room keeps others around you feeling comfortable while they wait by limiting the overall volume and commotion in the waiting room. No running, jumping, or yelling, please.

 It is expected that you sit down in a chair or on the floor near your friends and/or family while you wait in the waiting room. In order to show respect for the personal space of others in the waiting room, please do not lay down across chairs or on the floor.

If you would like, you may engage in a calm and quiet activity while you wait. Calm/quiet activities include (but are not limited to) the following: reading, drawing, playing on a phone/tablet with the volume low or while wearing headphones, talking quietly with friends/family, playing calmly and quietly with toys provided in the waiting room, etc.

 Please remember to sign in at the front desk. This provides a means to keep track of your attendance.

 It is expected that you wait until your teacher/therapist comes to the waiting room to get you. You will know it is your turn when your teacher or your therapist walk into the waiting room and says your name. Waiting your turn ensures that the group or person scheduled before you is finished, that your teacher/therapist is ready for you to begin, and that it is easy to find you when it is time for your appointment.